Tea for 3

Most mornings I ask my daughter what she wants for breakfast and her answer is almost the same every time, “Tea”. Tea is something we delight ourselves with on a daily basis at home. In the mornings, we usually have English Breakfast or a Chai blend. Many times in the afternoon, we have something a little lighter, paired with a slice of banana bread, scones, or a biscuit or two. Evening ritual usually involves chamomile, fennel or mint. This is what taking tea looks like at home for us on any given day. 10959885_1596868533860182_1929510364340737958_n

I really love mixing all different types of china.


Cucumber sandwiches are my daughter’s favorite. She made these open faced sandwiches for us to enjoy.


Biscoff biscuits are always a favorite around here.


What does taking tea look like for you?

Enjoy!!! ~Ana

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2 thoughts on “Tea for 3

  1. Oh, how I would love to join you for tea! You put together such lovely treats and your china is quite stunning! When I have tea I always think of my dear Grandma Betty….she loved her tea and had it at least 5 times a day.

    Thanks for making me smile and for sharing with Roses of Inspiration.


    • That would be lovely! Maybe one day that could be possible! I love making new friends!! Your grandma Betty sounds like a woman after my own heart! I am so glad that you have such wonderful memories with her. I hope that my sweet daughter will remember all the precious times we have spent together having tea.


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