Vintage Treasures


I love thrifting. Since I started, about 6 years ago, I have found it harder and harder to pay full price for anything. My friend Jasmin and I joke about how we have both been “ruined” by shopping at thrift stores. Where I live, there are plenty of thrift stores and antique shops, so I visit frequently to see what treasures I will find. There is something about a vintage item, regardless of what it is that just speaks to my heart. I always imagine the journey that the item has been on. Who it belonged to, how it was loved, where it has been. I like to make up imaginary stories of lost love, tragedy, and joy.

On a recent trip to the thrift store, I found these three tea cups and saucers and I just had to take them home with me. Aren’t they so lovely? I really love the colors, patterns, and design.


This Duchess beauty is in the Highland Beauty pattern with fluted edges and a mauve thistle flower.

11125230_10206665665310244_1266794486_n 11126498_10206665663870208_21304338_n  The colors are just so lovely!

The next beauty is a Royal Vale with violets pattern. It is trimmed with gold on the rim of the cup and saucer. It is sweet and delicate and in mint condition!


I think this is my favorite teacup of the three.

11256479_10206665665910259_1148952168_n   11225916_10206665664110214_858209590_n

These up close details show how pretty this little tea cup is. She reminds me of Spring.

The last little beauty is very special. This is one is perhaps the one I wondered most about.

You will see why…


I found this lovely stashed away behind some larger vases in one of the shelves. Actually, it was my daughter who found it. She loved how shiny it was. She said it must have belonged to a queen because it was all gold!

11262281_10206665664710229_2039057099_n  11253868_10206665664750230_838033644_n

It wasn’t until we got home that I noticed the “Wedding Anniversary” written inside of it. From its color, I am guessing it must have been a 50th wedding anniversary present. I told my daughter she was right. This teacup probably did belong to a “queen”, the queen of some man’s heart! The maker of this lovely is a Royal Windsor special edition.

I am so thrilled to have these beautiful treasures to enjoy our afternoon tea in. Truly they are one of kind vintage treasures. Want to know the best part? I paid $2.50 for each! Seems like a small price to pay for the joy they will bring to our afternoon tea. What kind of treasures have you found while thrifting?



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9 thoughts on “Vintage Treasures

  1. What beauties you have found out thrifting! The best place I found for thrifting was Eugene, Oregon when my son was living there. I went each day and always found some thing new. My latest thrift find was a large set of Wedgwood with a lovely pink rim and gold trim. My favorite cup and saucer is the thistle pattern for a favorite Scots. Have fun thrifting this week!



    • Hi Pam! Thank you!! I have heard that the West Coast is great for thrifting. I am in the Mid West and we have lots of thrift stores, garage sales, barn sales, and antique stores. It is so fun!!!! I would love to see your Wedgwood find! I love Wedgwood. I am working on a post about an incredible Wedgwood set I got at an estate sale. Come back again to check it out. It’s an incredible story! 🙂 ~Ana


  2. You found some lovely teacups. I enjoy thrifting too and that it how acquired most of my treasures. Thanks for sharing and joining me for Tea Time.



  3. Oh Ana, I may have swooned when I saw your three pretty tea cups 🙂 Each one is so unique and beautiful! I love what your daughter said about the gold one.

    Thank you so much for joining Roses of Inspiration. I hope you’re able to join us again next week. Hugs!


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